Apr 062012



When the spine is bent backwards, it is in an arch position. The arch position is used in many gymnastic skills and is very important that the gymnast has just as strong arch as the opposite position hollow.


  • Learn to hold the arch position. 


  •  None


Start by laying on the floor with your arms straight above your head and legs together. Lift your arms, chest and thighs off the floor and hold. The arch should be felt in the upper back, as opposed to the lower back.

Stage 1 – Setup

  • Lay flat on the floor.
  • Arms straight above your head.
  • Legs together.

Stage 2 – Arch

  • Lift your arms.
  • Lift your chest.
  • Lift your thighs. 

Common Mistakes

Coaches teach gymnasts how to do skills correctly, but most gymnasts learns how to perform the skill correctly when coaches corrects their mistakes. This is not wrong, this is actually how gymnasts learn. This being said, it is very important that coaches corrects mistakes all the time. If a gymnast continues doing the same mistake over and over then they will be good at doing that drill with that mistake and have a difficult time later correcting it.
  • Always correct mistakes
  • Correct the first mistake you see the gymnast do (even if it is before the actually drill, i.e. the gymnast forgets to stand tall with arms over their head)
  • Correct only one thing (sometimes two if they are related)


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